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Autodesk’s awesome app 123d make is out now. I’ve had a quick play around with a couple of the models i have on hand and the results are stunning!

My only gripe so far would have to be the inefficiency of the nesting it preforms pre-export to .eps.  An additional step would be to take the patterns out to .dxf format and use a nesting program like

I will have a play around in the next few days and post up some results.

Check out this rendering of a home-brew CNC Machine designed by Adam Lynch, a student at RMIT’s Industrial Design department.  It’s looking really good and nothing like a ‘home-brew’ machine, this piece of kit is shaping up to be a very promising project.  I’ll be delivering some updates on the build through the blog so stay tuned.

CNC milling machine by Adam Lynch

UPDATED 03/05/2012

Here is a time lapse of the machine’s build:

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