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Autodesk’s awesome app 123d make is out now. I’ve had a quick play around with a couple of the models i have on hand and the results are stunning!

My only gripe so far would have to be the inefficiency of the nesting it preforms pre-export to .eps.  An additional step would be to take the patterns out to .dxf format and use a nesting program like

I will have a play around in the next few days and post up some results.

So I’ve stumbled onto this awesome little app from Autodesk where you can create 3d scans from a series of sequential images taken of an object.  I’ve been using it for the last day and I’m starting to get some good models out of it.  Here’s a quick video which pretty much sums up everything about this program.

The interface is extremely smooth and easy to get a hang of.  I feel that the Autodesk has really got it right with these ‘entry-level’ progams (there are 2 more to check out, 123D make and model or something like that).  They have really considered the user interface and designed the program to make the process seem logical and completely non-confrontational; there aren’t a million icons plastered all over the screen with ambiguous symbols for individual operations.

Once I get some decent model results, I’d like to follow through and see how accurate the scans are and how useful the information is for 3d modelling. So far so good…..

Here is their web page for the 123D apps.  If anyone plays around with them and gets some good results then I’d love to hear about your experience.

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